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The BHS 202 UNYQUE is the only device capable of combining all our therapies to obtain the best possible results. It offers CryoFrequency + Multifrequency Radiofrequency Facial in addition to the very effective combination of HImFU Corporal and Dermohealth. It also has Dermoleds for facial and body use.

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It is a therapy that combines two technologies in the same head, Monopolar + Multipolar Radiofrequency along with simultaneous and continuous Suction, which allow heat to penetrate the skin faster and deeper. In addition to Body Contouring for body modeling, its Cryocooling system is added, which achieves the emission of cold on the skin, achieving an anesthetic effect that is easy to apply and does not cause discomfort to the patient. Indicated to treat generalized adiposity, cellulite and lymphatic drainage. Eliminating waste, toxins and fluid overload.

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