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BodyHealth BHS156

BHS 156 is a device that combines two techniques developed exclusively by Body Health, it is the perfect combination of non-invasive therapies for modeling, skin tightening with immediate lifting effect and fat reduction.
Cryofrequency + Multifrequency Radiofrequency:For treatment of the orbicular, facial and body area. It is a therapy that combines the transmission of cold by the cryogenic system (-25°) from the head to the dermis, causing internal heating of the tissues.
body temperature (over 55°c) caused by Multipolar radiofrequency waves.
This combination generates a thermal shock which stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin that produces an instant lifting effect. Additionally, a reducing effect is obtained with the Monopolar option that generates selective heating in the adipose layer.
Applied in flaccidity, Wrinkles, Adiposity, Cellulite, Body modeling.
The Body HImFU + Dermoleds system:Unique for the treatment of localized adiposity, its multifocal ultrasound waves cause a thermomechanical effect on the adipose tissue, causing its destruction. Reduces between 1 and 3 cm of contour per session, based on emission
of High Intensity Multifocused Ultrasound waves, at a depth of 2.5 cm, guaranteeing the concentration of energy in the adipose panicle and protecting the internal organs. The head emits Dermoleds©, a light therapy that enhances
synthesis of collagen and elastin, significantly improving the appearance of the skin.

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