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South Korea

At Dimotta Tecnología Médica Avanzada, we have chosen WONTECH to complete our portfolio of Laser equipment, because the innovative technology of its equipment allows it to be applied in a wide variety of areas, including skin aesthetics, reduction of fat and surgeries among others.

WONTECH Co., Ltd. is a Korean company established in 1999, which is constantly growing and today leads the market for medical laser and ultrasound equipment.

WONTECH keeps a continuous update of all its processes, from research, development to the manufacture of all products.

Seeking to maintain constant technical innovation, a transparent management system and social responsibility, WONTECH as a Global leader in the world seeks to establish ties with the medical society of each country to join efforts in order to offer added value to patients. .

Its high quality standards, surprising results and international certifications endorse WONTECH as one of the most relevant players in the market for dermatological and aesthetic lasers worldwide.

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