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Developed and manufactured entirely in Argentina, DermoLight – IPL was designed to provide the highest performance on the market at a reasonable cost, allowing professionals a quick return on their initial investment .


Maximum Efficiency:30 Joules/cm2real power allow us to guarantee results in all indications of Dermolight.

• Permanent hair removal.
• Photo Rejuvenation

• Pigmentary Lesions. 
• Superficial Vascular Lesions. 
• Acne. 

IPL Sveltia includes interchangeable filters at no additional charge, ensuring maximum application versatility.

Greater Profitability:7.5 cm2 of real application surface, allow large areas to be addressed in less time, thus shortening the duration of the session.

Speed:IPL Sveltia allows multiple configurations, ensuring the professional maximum precision when addressing any condition, achieving up to 1 shot every 3 seconds.

Touch Screen:A friendly menu and a detailed graphical interface, allows through the Touch system, the quick configuration of the unit for the desired application.

High Power - Painless:The Double refrigeration system with which this Unit is equipped, allows working with high powers continuously, and thanks to the controllable refrigeration in the head itself, in a practically imperceptible way for the patient.

Long Life - Less Cost:Lamp duration up to 100,000 shots, allow an easier amortization of the unit.















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