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Cryolipolysis & Shock Waves

Dr. Gabriela Corin tells us about this fantastic combination

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) -SHR/OPT

Dr. Carlos Velarde and Lic. Yanina Sanchez tell us about their experience with IPL/SHR

Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

Dr. Carlos Ingar shares his excellent experience with Sveltia HIFU at his Center

Elevate your Cabin with SVELTIA

Est. Doc Janet Leyton talks about Sveltia technologies on CTV

DermoHealth (Vacuum)

BodyHealth video on Vacuum Therapy application with DermoHealth

DermoTherap carboxytherapy

Dr. Giuliana Berrocal tells us about DTP Carbo Carboxytherapy


Dr. Carlos Ingar tells us about HIFU in #Second Opinion (Dr TV)

Wontech SCAHIL CO2 Laser

Dr. Edgar Luna talks about his experience with SCAHIL on CTV

Radiofrequency & Electroporation

Est. Doc. Janet Leyton explains the success of combining these technologies

Diathermy BInary System

Dr. Brenda Huamani tells us about Binary Care in #Second Opinion (Dr TV)

Wontech PASTELLE Laser

Presentation of the Laser Equipment Q-Switched 532nm & 1064nm Nd:YAG Laser

Rös's Kestos T-2 Team

Example of application of the Thermo electrostimulation legs and abdomen

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