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DermoEquipos SRL is considered a company that constantly works for the satisfaction of its customers and the improvement of its products under its DermoTherap® brand, which has been certified under standards: ISO9001:2008, ISO13485:2012 and the marking granted by Tüv Nord.

The main objective of DermoEquipos SRL is the satisfaction of its clients, the fulfillment of their requirements and the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

This is part of our conviction and therefore we constantly ensure that our products give the performance for which they have been designed. These designs cover functional and aesthetic aspects of the product. We achieve all this by applying our philosophy of continuous improvement and maintaining the effectiveness of our management system.

We currently have the commitment to achieve excellence and recognition of our medical teams, both within the country and abroad, providing our clients with the same level of service and dedication.

This policy has allowed us to obtain worldwide distributors for the American, European and Asian continents in a short time.


DermoEquipos SRL is an Argentine company that manufactures medical-aesthetic equipment for the national and international market; was born on January 29, 2004 from the merger between FARMACIA Y LABORATORIO VIP (which already had 15 years in the aesthetic-medical market) and DISTEC SRL (with 12 years in electronic developments).

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