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cryo-radiofrequency: Combines the action of Radiofrequency with the cooling-freeze effect, achieving more depth and with a quick visualization of the results.

Cryo Radiofrequency allows much higher energy inputs than conventional systems, improving the distribution of the wave inside the tissue, covering both the superficial and deeper layers, with rapid visualization of the results. The hot-cold action produces a pleasant effect, without feeling hot or burning.
The action of the RF consists of increasing the temperature of the sub-cutaneous tissues by energy contribution of the RF electromagnetic wave, which by molecular vibration increases the temperature. If the patient's skin is cooled, penetration is greater and, in addition, there is less superficial damage.
By applying temperatures between -4 and -10 degrees from the surface and increasing the temperature from the inside, a thermal shock is generated by the clash of both temperatures, resulting in a tightening, lifting effect, visible from the first sessions, with maximum comfort for the patient.

fractional radiofrequency: Delivers thermal energy in a fractional way in the deep dermis, with a significant impact but, at the same time, with a minimum affectation of the most superficial layer of the skin. Regeneration happens, from the inside out.
The applicator administers bipolar radiofrequency energy by fractions on the skin to be treated.
This energy causes microscopic wounds in the epidermis which, as a result, initiates a strong healing response. The less affected tissue that surrounds the treated skin fractions accelerates this process and helps recovery and healing.
The team works with four fractional radiofrequency programs, varying the energy input, achieving different effects, such as: heating, coagulation, subablation and ablation. The previously applied cold improves tolerance, especially in high programs, minimizing symptoms.


Treatments:Acne sequelae, enlarged pores, stretch marks, skin flaccidity, facial rejuvenation, skin modeling and tightening, skin toning and rejuvenation, improvement of wrinkles and expression lines, muscle flaccidity, lifting and expression of the face, reabsorption, modeling and firmness of chin as well as other tissues, neck laxity, activation of blood and lymphatic circulation, body reduction and cellulite.

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