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Innovation in Anti-Cellulite Therapy

Shock waves are acoustic waves with a high energy peak and short duration (5ms) of positive pressure in which a compression is applied to the tissues followed by a phase of negative pressure of less intensity and longer duration, generating an effect traction on tissues.
Depending on the therapeutic objective, they are applied at variable pressure and frequency, and depending on the generating mechanism they can be focal (ESWT) or radial (RSWT). In the field of aesthetics, radial shock waves are used because they release energy in the most superficial tissues of a region and are preferred for these procedures, especially post-surgical fibrosis (liposuction), cellulite, sagging skin,
edema and reduction of adiposity.



Aesthetic applications, the success of combining.

The combination of Shock Waves with Cryolipolysis,  ultracavitation or Lipolaser in the same session in lipolytic treatments, manages to increase the percentages of body fat reduction and tissue improvement, favoring skin tightening and body remodeling.
Our Hammer team has the possibility of working therapies for both Aesthetics and Physiotherapy, with pre-established programs for each of them, becoming a great ally, providing innovative therapeutic approaches for our clients.


Skin tightening and non-invasive body remodeling are treatments that are increasingly in demand today by patients. After treatments for the reduction of body contour and localized fat, such as Cryolipolysis, among the most requested, it is advisable to apply shock wave therapy as an ideal complement to the previous treatment, significantly enhancing the beneficial effects of the combination. of technologies.


  • Increased blood flow by massage and vasodilation.

  • Lymphatic drainage and elimination of toxins.

  • Mechanical and biochemical lipolysis.

  • Softening of fibrotic structures (septum, scar tissue).

  • Strengthening of connective tissue (collagen neogenesis).

  • Cell rejuvenation (cell regeneration process).

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