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Barcelona, Spain

Röss, a company dedicated to advanced aesthetic technology, presents Binary, a device that combines deep thermal energy (diatherma) and muscle electro-stimulation to produce a firming and toning effect, combating body flaccidity, loss of muscle tone and excess fat in the body.

How does Binary System work?

Binary System is a technology manufactured in Spain that combines two of the technologies with the best results in professional aesthetics: thermotherapy and electro-stimulation techniques:

Diathermy.Applied capacitively or resistively through flat electrodes, it causes an increase in temperature up to hyperthermia, a state in which the regeneration and degradation of excess fat begins in the case of body treatments. Depending on the phase in which it is applied, you can manage to activate cellular nutrition, increase microcirculation or directly generate lipolysis and tissue restructuring.

Electro-stimulation. Currents that act at a circulatory, metabolic, trophic and muscular level, based on the type of current used in the treatment, being able to choose between electro-lifting (stimulates microcirculation and relaxes contracted muscles, lines of expression, etc.), electro-lipolytic (combats triglycerides and facilitates the elimination of fatty tissue) and electro-firming (as its name indicates, it reaffirms and tones the muscle).

Rös's BINARY Method represents a step forward in treatments with electrostatic recuperators.

bi_conjunto resistivo.jpg
bi_conjunto capacitivo.jpg

Action from the heart of the cell

All unaestheticism or pathology translates into an alteration of the cellular electrical potential.

The consequences that are triggered by this affect our morphology in a very diverse way, which is why we need a precise energy that activates and decelerates the cellular pulse. This regenerative rebalancing global action restores damaged tissues of the
organism progressively.
Binary System emits a high frequency signal of 448 KHz, adequate and with scientific endorsement to achieve intercellular ionic mobilization and action from the heart of the cell.
Its application modes, capacitive monopolar and resistive monopolar, allow us to reach all tissues, from the dermis to bone tissue.
The Binary treatment is complemented with electrostimulation to achieve optimal results in the recovery of muscle tone and the reduction of adipose tissue.

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