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Barcelona, Spain


Two Treatments in one

Kestos T2 is the technological solution created by Rös's that responds to the most common body aesthetic demands in the cabin. It provides the professional with the possibility of applying, in a combined or independent way, thermotherapy and electro-stimulation. Its particular form of application by means of bands allows to work large areas of the body.
These bands incorporate the heating element and the electrodes for the application of muscle stimulation. The intensity of heat and stimulation are independent, allowing to regulate each therapy according to the patient's tolerance.
Recent clinical studies support that the simultaneous application of electro-stimulation with different temperatures gives rise to a much better result than the use of these techniques separately.

Activating deep thermotherapy:
Equipment emitting near infrared radiation with great penetrating power, with maximum temperature increase at the level of fat and its main application in aesthetics is Thermolipolysis

State-of-the-art electrotherapy:
The creation and combination of specific currents is designed to act on the muscle fibers and obtain efficient results according to the design of each program.
In this way, the team provides options for lipolytic, toning or firming treatments.

The team has 11 different types of currents combined in 14 work programs or treatments.


Body programs:
Soft cellulite, hard cellulite, oedematous cellulite, firming, intense firming, postpartum, overweight, localized overweight, circulatory, draining, reducing, remodeling, toning, relaxing analgesic.

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