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Its 86 programs (35 programs for 1 MHz and 51 for 3 MHz) cover practically all the needs in ultrasonic treatments!


Said programs or protocols are configured by software at the time of selecting the emission frequency, be it 1 MHz or 3 MHz. It is also possible to use it in manual mode, setting the parameters at will by the therapist. However, the equipment always loads the power and frequency values into memory.


The design of this equipment has been carried out following the following fundamental principles:

  • Reliability: Safe and oversized circuits, permanently checked by the microcontroller. Designed for many years of intense work, without loss of performance.

  • Easy to use: Totally digital with 86 predefined use programs, the use of this device is immediate and intuitive, following the instructions on the Touch screen.

  • Guaranteed Results:Ergonomic head, High Quality Glass and a large ERA >80% guarantee the best results in all types of treatment.

  • advanced professional use: It is possible to manually configure the parameters of use, according to professional criteria.

All this leads to the main purpose of the Pouser Ultrasound:The excellent therapeutic efficacy.

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